A Walk To Remember


To get to where we live now, you drive to a church camp – and keeping on going. The road dead-ends into our yard. We have 25 acres of mostly wooded land. (I use the terms “our” and “we” loosely as we’re really freeloading off of my in-laws while we raise our support.)

The one neighbor between us and the camp has about the same. And who know how much land the camp has. That’s where I went running yesterday. I ran up the road, cut through the neighbors yard and across the metal and wood bridge covering the creek (my in-laws call it a crick) below and I was off into the woods.

I had my son’s iPod with me because the battery on mine was dead, but I turned it off once I noticed the crunching of the leaves under my feet. I love that sound. And I wonder how much of life and God’s creation I miss because my head is buried in a computer or a TV or even in an iPod in the middle of the woods. It’s a good thing not to allow kids to bring stuff like this on retreats for just that reason.

I hadn’t gone far when I ran around a bend in the path and a deer followed by two fawns, ran right in front of me. I stopped running and just walked, taking it all in. After a while I came to a clearing and saw four more white-tail deer. As they ran off their tails where strait up in back and glistened beautifully in the sun. I saw one more deer a little later.

Something I’ve started to focus on in my life and to try to teach my kids, since we’ve been in the midst of big moves and a lot of traveling, is to look for the good in where ever we’re at, whatever the situation. For example, we sold a much nicer house than we’re living in now, but it sat on a four lane highway. In six years of living there, I never saw wild turkeys and deer in my yard. Yesterday I saw eight.

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Ministry Partnership != Sales


I’ve always liked sales. In fact, when I was four year old, I went door to door selling shells on the beach — I sold them all! Maybe it had something to do with the fact it was 6 AM and I was four.

My first real sales job was in college. I worked at an Apple store selling Macs. The sales manager told the owner I was getting really good.

Then a few years after college I started my own business. That went OK too. (Although, running your own business is definitely not everything it’s cracked up to be.)

So I thought Ministry Partnership development would be much the same as my previous sales experience. There are some similarities, but there is one thing that makes it very different. In sales, it’s all business. Ministry Partnership is all personal.

It’s a lot harder to talk about money with a life long friend than it is to ask Motorola to buy a bunch of memory upgrades.

But Ministry Partnership is not sales.  I’m not actually asking people to give me anything. I’m asking them to prayerfully consider giving to God via MAF. And it is God who takes care of me and my family.

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