Twit This

I justed added Twit This to all the blogs. I’ll have to test it on this post of course.

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Locked Out

I’ve been just walking into churches trying to set up appointments to speak with pastors about our ministry.

I’ve found that a significant number of churches are keeping their doors locked during the week. I understand the reasons – keeping out sales guys (and missionaries?), safety concerns – but it just seems wrong to me.

We shouldn’t lock people out of church. We do that too much already by not accepting people for who they are and where they’re at. We really shouldn’t physically lock people out.

Sure, there’s usually a door bell to ring, but I have a very different impression between the big white AG church I went to and found the doors locked and little Chinese church that had a huge welcome banner over the front door.

Welcome – that should be our message to people, any day of the week.

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House Church

I’m sick and I’ve been on the road every day this week. Plus Susan went to pick up her dad from the hospital in Peoria. So I decided I’d stay home with the kids and do church at home. I found this great resource that saved me having to do a lot of talking. The kids loved the story of Ruth and the corresponding song and puzzle.

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