Stay At The Table


The idea of “family worship” has been getting a lot attention at our home church. It’s a pretty simple idea: us Dad’s are supposed to be the primary spiritual leaders in our homes. We’re supposed to be the priests, prophets, and protectors of our family.

This past weekend I attended our men’s retreat in Lake Geneva, WI. The speaker was Voddie Baucham. He suggested that to be a spiritual leader meant that we should do these things with our families:

  • Read Scripture together
  • Pray together
  • Sing together
  • Memorize Scripture together

I’ve been convicted about this and have tried to implement this in the past. Our Family Pastor, Rob Reinow has been teaching this for some time. His Visionary Parenting course is outstanding. But I had not been very successful for very long at implementing this in our home.

I was convicted about this again this weekend and thought a lot about why I have failed in the past. I think God gave me at least part of the answer. I realized that even though we eat (at least) dinner together most nights of the week, there’s typically little conversation and when someone was done eating, they’d head off to play or watch TV. God gave me a revelation. I need my family to Stay At The Table!

In fact that’s just what I’m calling this event of family worship in our home, Stay At The Table. The idea works on so many levels. First, it’s literally what I’m having my family do. No more dine-and-dash! We’re going to stay at the table and hear God’s word and talk about it and pray together. We’ll probably sing some of the time, although it’s been a custom since the kids were born to sing to them at bed time. I haven’t quite figured out where the memorization is going to come in, but the kids are in AWANA, so we’ll probably play off of that.

Then besides the literal meaning of Stay At The Table, there’s the fact that God’s word is spiritual food that we need to keep taking in. Plus, as my kids become teenagers, I want them to Stay At The Table of our home and of God’s word.

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Don’t Worry


Today’s devotional was on Matthew 6:25-34, the passage about not being anxious about physical needs because God knows about them. After all, he cares for the lilies of the fields and the birds of the air, so isn’t obvious he’ll take care of us? I guess that’s hyperbole or some other literary device, because there must be millions of Christians living in poverty around the world.

But this message must also be for those who are in poverty. They’re not supposed to worry. I can’t image how they wouldn’t. But I certainly don’t have reason to worry. I wonder why I still do. Lord help me not to.

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From todays devotional:

Keeping a spiritual journal or diary is a good habit, one that helps us keep track of where, how, and why we’ve been on our journey of faith. Today, we recommend that you write a spiritual journal entry on the topic of pride. Specifically, what area of your life do you feel is the most full of pride? Why? What have you tried to do about it? What has God done to teach you humility in this area? What more do you want the Spirit to do in the future?

Ok, I’ll try.

  • What area of my life do I feel is the most full of pride? Why?
    • When I do something and it doesn’t work or I realize I made a mistake on something, I get very frustrated and down on myself because of my perfectionistic expectations of myself
  • W hat have I tried to do about it? What has God taught me? What do I want Him to do?
    • Self image is something I’ve struggled with since I was a kid. It started back then with cruel kids picking on me. Since college, it’s been this perfectionism that’s been the trigger for negative feelings. I guess at this point I’m aware that pride is the root cause of all this. I’d like God to help me have the perspective of myself as His child.
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It’s Hard To See My Sin


Todays devotion was on Isaiah 6:1-7 where Isaiah is overwhelmed with his sin and the holiness of God. This was the application for today:

As we know, confession of sin is a needed spiritual habit in our lives (1 John 1:9). Too often, though, we approach confession the same way we approach petitions, reading a “laundry list” and checking off each item. Today, we suggest having a different kind of time of confession, one done with the attitude of Isaiah. Pray in the “woe is me” spirit that recognizes the chasm between a perfectly holy God and ourselves, and thus cries out for the forgiveness and cleansing only He can give.

I find it hard to even come up with a “laundry list”, let alone have a “woe is me” spirit. Every once in a while I really screw up and am reminded of my need for grace. I probably need to spend a lot more time in contemplative prayer.

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