Blogmate – Blogging Plugin For Textmate

I was looking for an offline WordPress blogging tool for the Mac. And I found Blogmate which is a plugin for TextMate, my preferred text editor. So here’s to more blogging!

BTW – This is my first post using Blogmate.

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Testing Bits. It’s a simple note taker app for the Mac that can apparently post to WordPress.

It works OK, but I had to use another tool to set the category. Bits seems to only let you add tags.

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Twit This

I justed added Twit This to all the blogs. I’ll have to test it on this post of course.

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About This Blog

This blog will be my personal thoughts and prayer journal. I have technical blog at That’s mostly just an expanded favorites list. The main blog for this site is about our ministry with Mission Aviation Fellowship Learning Technologies.

My wife always wants to know what I’m feeling. I can’t say how I feel until I can explain the situation in reasonable terms. Until then I just have an overall frustration. Maybe this will be useful for that…though I doubt she’ll bother to read it often. I hope she does and I hope I can get her to blog too. Her blog will be at Our son David’s blog is at – you guessed it – Our 2 year old Sarah isn’t blogging just yet.

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