Ministry Partnership != Sales

I’ve always liked sales. In fact, when I was four year old, I went door to door selling shells on the beach — I sold them all! Maybe it had something to do with the fact it was 6 AM and I was four.

My first real sales job was in college. I worked at an Apple store selling Macs. The sales manager told the owner I was getting really good.

Then a few years after college I started my own business. That went OK too. (Although, running your own business is definitely not everything it’s cracked up to be.)

So I thought Ministry Partnership development would be much the same as my previous sales experience. There are some similarities, but there is one thing that makes it very different. In sales, it’s all business. Ministry Partnership is all personal.

It’s a lot harder to talk about money with a life long friend than it is to ask Motorola to buy a bunch of memory upgrades.

But Ministry Partnership is not sales.  I’m not actually asking people to give me anything. I’m asking them to prayerfully consider giving to God via MAF. And it is God who takes care of me and my family.

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